Freitag, 21. August 2015

28.8.15 18h Linker Freitag: Forum sozialistische Industriepolitik I

Linker Freitag mit Prof. Dr. Heinz Bierbaum, MdL (Saarland)

Sozialistische Industriepolitik kann vieles bedeuten. Mit Heinz Bierbaum diskutieren wir, was hier und heute darunter zu verstehen ist:

«Mitarbeiterbeteiligung, die auf eine Demokratisierung der Wirtschaft abzielt, setzt weniger auf individuelle Vermögensbildung als auf eine Mitbestimmung an der Unternehmenspolitik. Sie greift auf die gewerkschaftlichen Forderungen nach Erweiterung der Mitbestimmung zurück. Diese Forderungen konzentrieren sich auf eine stärkere Beeinflussung der Investitionsentscheidungen und auf die Standortpolitik»(Bierbaum, «Eingebunden. Jenseits des Krisenkorporatismus», 2013).

Veranstalter: Rosa-Luxemburg-Club Linker Freitag und Military Counseling Network e.V.

Dienstag, 4. August 2015

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for opening of the exhibition
dec.11th 2015

Celebrate People’s History: 
Iraq Veterans Against the War – Ten Years of Fighting for Peace and Justice 

Austellungseröffnung & Preformance 

*Celebrate People’s History: Iraq Veterans Against the War – Ten Years of Fighting for Peace and Justice is a portfolio project celebrating Iraq Veterans Against the War’s (IVAW) ten year history. IVAW was founded in July 2004 to give voice to the large number of active duty service members and veterans who were against the war, but were under various pressures to remain silent. Over the past ten years, IVAW members have spoken out and taken action to end the wars they served in and to transform the society that fostered those wars.

This portfolio features contributions from IVAW members, Justseeds Artists' Cooperative members, along with allied veterans, artists and writers. It highlights key ideas, moments, projects, tactics, and individuals from IVAW history in order to uplift IVAW's ongoing struggle, inspire others to take action, and preserve the movement’s history for future generations.

The Tea Project- 

Join artist and Iraq Veteran Aaron Hughes for an afternoon of tea, reflection and dialogue.

About The Tea Project
When someone sits, sips, and reflects over a cup of tea there is space to ask questions about one’s relationship to the world: a world that’s filled with dehumanization, war, and destruction; a world that is filled with moments of beauty, love, and humanity. The Tea Project is an ongoing dialogue that traverses a variety of these landscapes, from the tea sipped on in a quaint coffee shop, to a cage in Guantanamo Bay, to a motor pool in Iraq; tea is not only a favored drink but a shared moment that transcends cultural divides and systems of oppression. That is not meant as a clichéd utopian statement, but as a reminder of a shared humanity that is so often overlooked. Please. Come to sit, sip tea, reflect, and share with me. --Aaron Hughes