Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2012


The Military Counseling Network likes to invite you to the documentary 
"Beer Is Cheaper Than Therapy"
 by Simon de Vries

Wed.20:00 @ The Clearing Barrel

“I'm 22 years old and I must have killed 30 people. The same thing that you were given badges for, over in Irak, you would be considered a serial killer
over here. That's a very weird thought to have running around in your head when it's dark, going to sleep or late at night.”

"There is no place for doubt, sadness and fear in the American army.
Still, many soldiers struggle with these feelings. Beer is Cheaper than Therapy portrays what goes on behind the facade of heroism and the 'John Wayne mentality'."

The Film takes a close look at Fort Hood in Killeen TX the bigest US Mlitary instalation in the world - offering a voice to those who are often lost in the discourse on war - the veterans them selfs.

Showing this documentary The Military Counseling Network e.V. likes to provide a glance at another highly militarized town and the work of the local GI-Café - Under The Hood -

We hope to have some interesting questions and discussions after the movie!