Freitag, 13. Dezember 2013

13.12. MOONSCAPE 14.12 JAZZ

 I got one new case of very good special belgian beer 
   from a micro brewery
 - Tumulus Nera 8% dark, based on wheat malt, a triple wheat stout
 - Tumulus Aura 5,5% a blond -
  -Tumulus Magna 9%  is a strong wheat beer inspired by the German   “Weizen” wheat beers, but with that something extra.

And Today 

It has always been one of mankind's boldest dreams to explore outer space. With the rise of space exploration in the 1960s, the unfathomable became reality. While several moon landings took place, no one was ever to return. How do I know this, you might ask? Well, fine sir, I proudly call it my homeland. In fact, we used ingenious little baby-giraffe robots posing as Neil Armstrong and the like to deceive the public. But rest assured, we took good care of them. That lifeless, stubborn rock high up in the sky you see every day is actually the home to a thriving music scene. Wandering through the streets of Serenity City means being surrounded by gentle sound waves coming from every corner. Music is our lifeblood, literally. Now we'd like to share. Through use of the human Internet we discovered a great deal of your music, so it's only fair that you get a slice of our cake.
We hereby present you moonscape - enjoy!