Mittwoch, 28. Mai 2014

The Franceens are a 3-piece from York UK. They play high-energy "proper" rock and roll. The music is delivered with ferocity, honesty and precision. It's twangy, intense and full of raw power. They are an exceptionally hard-working band, playing anything up to 3 gigs per week, some of which have been known to be in the same day. They released their first EP entitled “Duck and Cover” in March 2013, on their own DIY label. This EP is now available for free download from their Facebook page. The band is a tight combination of catchy riffs and vocal hooks, backed up by a solid rhythm. The Franceens fight for DIY punk rock and believe in supporting your local live music scene, whilst also trying to discover and support new bands from further afield. In September 2013, The Franceens joined DIY music heavyweights; TNS Records. In October 2013, they had air time on BBC Radio 1 with the song "Attack".