Donnerstag, 19. Juni 2014


Since their formation in 1984, Argies (Argentina) have stood out due to their libertarian poetry, the power of their music and the understanding and coherence of their political attitude. Even though their roots can be found in the British Punk from the seventies, nowadays their music witnesses influences from ska reggae, dub and good part of rock’n’roll elements and Latin rhythms. Practicing a philosophy of “do it yourself” they have made a successful career while maintaining independence.
The name “Argies” derives from the English pejorative term for “Argentinean” which was most
popularly used by the British yellow press during the Falkland War in 1982. Far from being
nationalists, their name connects the band, the members of which define themselves as
internationalists, with debased minorities and marginalized people worldwide.
By the mid nineties, Argies left their hometown Rosario and moved to Buenos Aires. Since then, playing more than 35 shows annually, they came to be known as one of the most frequently performing acts in town. Starting in 1999, the band has regularly played extended tours in South America and Europe. Until today, Argies have performed in 33 countries and played more than 600 shows in Europe. The Band functions like a collective of committed musicians all of which form part of the project for undetermined periods, entering and leaving Argies with the same liberty that also characterizes the work in the band and the way in which its members study and teach in joint efforts across their differences. Over the years, the band’s particular method of making music has made Argies a truly independent cultural movement.


Immer gekonnt und knapp vorbei an England, Hamburger Schulen, Ton, Steine, Scherben und Mark Twains Landstreicher.

Die Erde dreht sich, und Lowknox sitzen. So muss das auch sein.


"Maxwell's Dead UK present an agglomeration of uplifting punk rock party bangers, mixing ska and harmonies that could most certainly amount to that perfect plethora for any die hard lovers of NOFX or Rancid. They have just recorded their debut album which will be out in a few months and people are now partying with the band at dates across the UK so come along, join in the fun and hae a cheeky skank!"

I Will Kill Chita

I Will Kill Chita is a Russian band delivering sophisticated instrumental post-rock.



Schön die ZEITGENOSSEN kommen wieder !
warum poppig? - weil Pop geil ist. wer nicht mitsingen kann, ist es selber schuld. wenn wir nach den proben durch unsere eigenen ohrwürmer gefoltert werden, dann ist es gut. außerdem liebt roland wilde effekte auf der gitarre. also poppen wir: für ihn, für uns, für euch.

warum alternativ? - weil too much pop das ohr verschleimt. außerdem ist Lars ein freund des schrägen Tons (der alte kapellmeister!) und roland wird leicht nervös, wenn..s zu schön wird. langweilig ist doof.

WILLE ZUR MACHT (zum zweiten)
post-structuralist dreamscapes from Germany

Spleen Wave (Italy)



Swamp Blues Garage Punk Rock ´n Roll (Austin USA)