Freitag, 23. Januar 2015

HEUTE/TODAY Fr.23.1.15 MCN Benefit

Short Story Sports
Hauke  Henkel

short story sports 
ist Singer-/Songwriter, heißt eigentlich Posti und wohnt in Regensburg. Musikalisch ursprünglich im Punkrock zu Hause spielt short story sports ruhigen ...nennen wir es Emofolk. Ziel ist ein gemeinsames Herz- und Kopfkino oder einfach eine schöne Zeit mit Menschen. 
„…Ruhe zerbricht im stillsten Moment.“; 

Hauke Henkel 

Solo piano music has always been part of high society for the most part. Even when minimalist composers like Philip Glass tried to separate it from the pretentiousness of serialism, they were only really able to catch the eyes and ears of the public, but were not able to truly get it out of the concert halls. Hauke Henkel picks up where the early minimalists didn’t follow through, making compelling solo piano music (and in more recent works with vocals) through the very accessible idiom and mentality of DIY music. Boasting a plentiful discography, Hauke Henkel’s music puts sentimental minimalism back in the hands of the audience. Treading the line between storyteller and composer, the tender music speaks for itself while speaking for others.

- Jake Belissimo, composer and musician from Rochester, New York